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Antique Cupboard Repair

Antique Cupboard Refurbish Complete Picture 2 of 3

Furniture repair is something I have enjoyed doing over the years. I really like the idea of finding furniture that has great style and character but may no longer be functional, and converting it into a usable piece that can live on and serve again. I also take pleasure in fixing broken furniture pieces and […]

Custom Elm Bath Cabinets

Elm Custom Cabinets Finished and Installed With Bathroom Finished Also

A few of my good friends, whom I’ve known since our high school days, approached me with a request. They needed a bathroom vanity and a wall cabinet for their main family bathroom as part of their remodel. I was pleased to have this opportunity. We sat down to discuss their plans and brainstormed some […]

Custom Loft Ladder

Custom built loft ladder.

Elevating Storage Solutions: Crafting a Custom Loft Ladder for a Unique Challenge