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Custom Woodwork Services To Help Get The Job Done

Custom Woodwork Services

3D Computer Sketch and Design

For every project, I use SketchUp to fully design the piece in 3D, ensuring accuracy and helping to solve potential issues before any wood has been cut. I can code components to be cut from the 3D model with a CNC router for better precision. This step also helps clients visualize the project in 3D before woodworking begins.

Custom Woodwork Services

Live Edge Prep and Slab Flattening

Live edge furniture is a trendy way of incorporating the natural edge of a tree into furniture, resulting in a unique and beautiful piece. I offer a live edge slab preparation service for various applications such as desks, bar tops, shelves, counters, and even stair treads. My equipment can effectively flatten slabs of almost any size, while special sanders are used to preserve the character of the edge and smooth it to the touch. If you need help in bringing your project to its final stage, I offer live edge slab preparation services.

Custom Woodwork Services

Furniture Repair or Modification

The first step involves assessing the damage to determine if a piece is reparable. This could encompass anything from scratches to more extensive issues such as cracks, loose joints, or the need to fabricate new parts to restore structural integrity. Once a piece is deemed suitable for repair and the client approves the scope of work needed for a repair, work can begin. I do my best to provide a realistic estimate before starting. However, unexpected issues do arise in the course of some repairs, but I communicate throughout the repair to try and eliminate surprises. For items with sentimental value in need of revitalization, or to make it useful again, opting for a repair could be worth it. 

For items with significant cultural, historical, or monetary value requiring restoration, it’s crucial to consult a professionally trained furniture conservator. I am not a conservator. In the United States, you can locate museum-quality conservators through The American Institute for Conservation. Here’s the link.

Custom Woodwork Services

Custom CNC Wood Parts Fabrication

An essential piece of equipment in my workshop is a large-format CNC router table. This tool enables me to design parts on the computer and have the machine cut those parts according to my designs and code, resulting in components for furniture construction. However, this tool’s capabilities extend beyond this role. I can craft 3D carvings and customized signs. Whether it’s decorative pieces or parts for woodworking projects, if you’re a woodworker seeking precision-cut items tailored to your requirements, I might be able to assist. When it comes to woodworking, if you can envision it, I can likely bring it to life.

Custom Woodwork Services

Custom Architectural Wood Products

“I have had the privilege of collaborating with clients who specialize in restoring antique homes. During this process, they often face challenges, such as sourcing obsolete trim patterns or realizing that the required products they need are no longer available. Although their aim is to preserve the home’s character, issues such as wood rot or other damage might compromise their ability to maintain the original woodwork. In such cases, I can potentially recreate the essential components needed for a successful restoration. Whether it’s porch column bases or trim pieces that match the original, I possess the capability to replicate old profiles using CNC carving. This approach enables you to complete your project seamlessly, without compromising on mismatched styles.”

If I can assist you with any of the services above; please send me a note. I’d look forward to the opportunity to discuss it.