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Welcome to my page! I’m Wes, based in Ottawa, Kansas, and I have a real passion for creating custom wooden furniture that provides practical solutions for my clients. Whether you’re dealing with a tricky space at home or in the office, looking for smart storage solutions, or imagining a one-of-a-kind custom furniture piece to enhance your surroundings, I’m right here, ready to guide you through the entire process. Your challenges are what drive me, and I’m committed to helping you find the ideal solution.

Home Of Wes Wood Stuffs

I’m all about championing the use of stunning local hardwood whenever I can. This approach not only lets me offer a more budget-friendly choice for my clients but also plays a role in supporting our local economy and lessening the environmental impact of transportation.

That being said, I’m fully aware that some clients may want a particular wood species that isn’t found locally, I’ve established solid connections with suppliers who offer a range of domestic woods. Additionally, I have the ability to track down responsibly harvested exotic woods for those who are in search of something exceptionally unique.